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Welcome Home 2

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Missing children
Missing Children 2
Domestic Violence
Marcia of Angel's that Care
Neat & Nice
My health story
"They saved my leg"
Judyr & more
Photo Page my friends in B.C
B. C. friends 2
N.B. Friends
ATC friend gifts & those who were
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Weird & Wonderful stuff
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My Special Globes
My special things from Hugs & Angels Board
Hugs for you
Quilt page
more quilts

Marie aka hugbearu2

years ago when I first started making sites I found many of these blocks and saved the sites i got them from but over the years some are gone.
Lesa for one I hope you stop in and email me.

I am adding the links I know if I have one of your blocks please email me

Email me if your block is here

Please put which web site thank you

go to contact page

made for me by on-line friends or if yours email me please

Country cabin quilt

Diana Reed


Island princess

Cindy's quilt