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Welcome Home 2

Missing Children 2
Missing children
Missing Children 2
Domestic Violence
Marcia of Angel's that Care
Neat & Nice
My health story
"They saved my leg"
Judyr & more
Photo Page my friends in B.C
B. C. friends 2
N.B. Friends
ATC friend gifts & those who were
more friend gifts
Sue S from Wales gifts
Weird & Wonderful stuff
Jane my new hugs friend
My Special Globes
My special things from Hugs & Angels Board
Hugs for you
Quilt page
more quilts

there is a lot of help out there for parents that have lost a child if you know one email me if not here

My cause and Angels that Care too

Amber alert
   Join Amber Alerts    
 MSN Groups

Welcome graphic

If you have a missing child or
Domestic Violence page send to
me and I will link on here.

Mail me your links so I can add them here I will look at your page and if appropriate I will add your link to my page

well worth looking into
made for Becky by Tish see link

stop the abuse of innocent children
made for Becky by Molly

Oprah is giving $100,000 for those who help
Help us take more of these fugitives off the
streets and you too may be eligible for
Oprah's reward

Suicide can be prevented
made for Becky by Tish

Made by Tish for Becky I had to make them smaller for my site

Go to Becky' to learn more about this

child abuse kills
made for Becky by Ruth

stop the abuse of our children
made for Becky by Molly


Sues missing children page

Beyond Missing law enforcement resource

we can help