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"They saved my leg"
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They Saved My Leg


April 2002 my wonderful hubby and I took the flu after 9 years without one, or a cold; up till then we put cream on my foot nightly.


That was all it took for my heal to crack open.  I went to Dr’s to help heal but with no luck. One Dr. Thought an air cast would help heal but not for me in 2 week I got gangrene.


In July I was put into hospital and they debrided my heal down to the bone.  Four Dr.’s wanted to amputate but I said NO. I spent 16 days in hospital this time.  Sent home to home care nursing.  They tried very hard to heal me but due to Staph M infections it was a very slow process.


In December my home care nurse Janet asked if I had heard of the Wound Vac.  I said no.


She got in touch with KCI and a RN rep. Colette.  I was assessed and said I was a candidate.  Dr. B came on board and tried to find a bed for me in hospital so we could start this process.  While waiting my infection went into the bone, a terribly painful experience.  A bed was found of sorts, in a closet over night.  A different one was eventually found and started on IV antibiotics for 6 weeks.


Wound Vac


March 2005 still fighting to save my leg new thing called Promagran and Allyven used weekly by nurses at my home and at Dr. office.  Never give up.


October 2005 using an expensive salve called Regranex made from stem cells and in one month the ulcer is closing up.  Had my brace adjusted today so hoping it is finally over and I can begin to walk again after 3 1/2 years?


October 2005 finally bought Regranex so expensive but in 1 month it was healed.  Hurrah!!!  If the government had done these 4 years ago we would have saved over $20,000.00 or maybe more.


November 2005 started walking again.


March 2006


I am still healing and am walking more and more will not be called healed till 2 years have gone by.  Let's see that would be November 2007.  Pray for me and all who have this problem.  I really believe in the power of prayers.


April 2006 my foot ulcer broke open again a blood blister came where the calcium build up had to be derided it was monthly till now.  I had to stop walking again.


April 15 to June 20 I had to go weekly again so it is start over to be healed if it is straight ahead we are looking at June 2008.  I have to have WH sandpaper the sore daily and put a dressing on.  Please you Diabetics make sure you keep your feet looked after daily. 


2007 March closed over it is NOT healed till closed 2 years.  Do you think that will happen?


May saw Vascular surgeon said I should have been there 5 years ago.  He ordered an ultra sound & MRI on my body wanted to see it all I did that June 13th had the results the same day.


My next step is to see a bone surgeon & anistesiologist to see if I can be operated on.



If Diabetic ask for information about a Wound Vac

If you can use it learn about Regranex


my room was the sun room with couches and all
so my friends could visit and do bible studies

July and August 2002 for ever it seemed but
Jan./Feb they saved my leg really

Dr. B thank you for changing your mind about

Doctor H is my new doc B is semi retired
lots of test may walk again

Colette you were great
I would never be this close to being well

nurse cheryl

nurse Holly you have done much for me
going to miss you

nurse guy you have a good sense of humor

nurse Vi

nurse andrea

some of those nurses who helped
with the wound vac Sandy

Laara what wonderful nurses I had
nurse laara

thank you Josie it is the same as my dear friend
so I will remember it

Julie has moved on to another district
I miss you but my new one is super too

TY Ann saying good-bye to everyone makes me sad
getting out didn't

to all the unknown named nurses a HUGE thank you


Janet my angel who started it all
she set me up with Wound Vac Thank you

Dr Lai only once every 6 months
Tests every 3

Diane thank you for helping me at home

nurse Tom

Colette big thank you for all your help with
the wound vac

nurse mike I think you were the nurse who
did most of the wound vac

confused me 2 Kims same day lol

Nurse Val

I'll remember more and fix
TY nurse carol

nurse gayle

nurse kim just learning but you treated me so

nurse Wendy

Jan is looking after me now
this bear came from this link


Monica has been such a help over the last 4 years
I wouldn't have my leg without her thank you

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